Sailing Around The World Was My Dream

My Dream

Have you ever had a dream?

My dream since I was a little child was always sailing around the world. As I grew up, I have put my eyes on a great yacht… the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey

What a yacht guys. I had no money though. So I tought to myself, how the heck am I going to afford such a yacht work about $90,000. It was then when I met Kotton from OMG and I became a member, where I have learnt a new skill, the skill of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I launched my website and never looked back

I now own 4 things that I am really prowd of. I worked 16hr days, to get to where I am now, but It was worth the bumpy ride!

  1. A wonderful wife
  2. A great business
  3. A nice yacht
  4. My life

Yes the 4th one happens when you work until your eyes burn, and your back hurts but you still keep pushing, keep pushing, no matter where you are, if you are drowning at sea or underneath the surface. Thats how you become successful in life. So stop thinking about the negativity and start taking action and think positive.

The below is a list of the best yachts. Have a look, #dream, imagine, work hard, stop wasting time, surround yourself with good people, with winners, with successful people, #love, #believe in the impossible and build not beg. Follow your mentor. Find your passion in life. If you do all this, you will succeed, no matter what.

Here’s for the dreamers!! @dreamers

Sailing has always been popular, and google trends is showing a constant search trend over the past few years. In a good economy, there is always demand for these type of yachts and sailing boats. What I like to call “pleasure cruises”  @yachts

The cruise liner industry has been doing very well in this bullish economy, here’s the top 10 rich people who own a great yacht