Sailing to Gozo – We Bought Property


How we fell in love with Gozo

Gozo is a huge hot spot for travelers looking for entertainment, arts, media and even the yearly beach goers. Gozo currently has a booming urban population, with about thirty-one thousand residents. If you find yourself traveling to Gozo, like many people do, you should consider an auto rental to help you easily navigate your way around the island and beaches.

We went sailing to Gozo last summer and here’s a few tips on car rental over there.

There are a variety of different methods in to ensure that you get an auto rental at an inexpensive rate. One of the fastest and easiest ways to look for a car rental is to search a few travel websites online. By looking at a website, a potential traveler can find a variety of different cars from many different rental companies that will fit your budget. You can also choose between the sizes of any car that you want, if you want smoking or non-smoking and any upgrades you may want your rental car to have. You can even find a rental service provider that offers luxury vehicles and large capacity vans, like a 15-seat charter van. This is a great option for a large family traveling together.

If you are booking a trip to Gozo through a travel agency, your agent should be able to secure you an auto rental at a cheaper price than you can find online. Travel agents frequently request cars for travelers, and will often have great relationships with car rental agencies. This means that they can pass any further savings onto their customers as a general courtesy. Once you select the right car rental service on your own or through a travel agent, it is time to select the right car.

If you are focused on saving money on gas, you may want to look for a car rental service that offers the economy class of cars. These vehicles are usually smaller and have better gas mileage than the sedan category. They are also cheaper by the day to rent, which means this is a great option for a couple traveling without children. If you are traveling with friends and children, it is better to get a larger car that will comfortably carry you and your luggage. A good tip for renting a car is to plan your trip on days where the rental service will offer their cars at a discounted rate. By taking a few simple tips, you can make your vacation fun and exciting on a budget.

Car rentals will ensure that you are able to move around freely in Gozo. You can view all of the exciting landmarks and have a blast. Furthermore, you will not be bound by public transport – which, honestly, is not the best thing on this little island. There is a plethora of tourists here in the summer. There are plenty of businesses that depend on the yearly influx of tourists. You can be assured that your needs will be catered to with the utmost priority. Vacations are always more fun when you are care free. You can drive around the island and have the time of your life!

Now, we did fall in love with Gozo and started looking for property for sale in gozo.

Gozo has so much charm and tradition. The property compared to Malta,  is still very very cheap. You can buy an old house or as they call them, “farmhouse” for as low as €150,000. Karkanja was the most helpful for us where he understood what we were looking for and everyting. We ended up buying a nice house in Gharb which wse now call our second home. Our family and friends visit every summer to enjoy the sea and sun, great food, festas and culture of the island. Here are some things you can do on the island

  • Visit the many pristine beaches. There’s San Blass, Ramla l hamra, Dwejra, Xlendi, Marsalforn, Hondoq, Dahlet Qorrot just to name a few. Gozo is an island so…you can expect a lot of beaches
  • Diving. It’s well worth a try if you are adventerous like me or even if you are not. We always dive with Atlantis Gozo.
  • Eating! So many great places where you can eat. There’s a nice tucked away restaurant and they serve insanely good fresh fish. Located in Mgarr ix xini. Another great beach and great for diving as well. O and by the way, back to the diving activity. There is about like a dozen diving racks where you can dive. These are either very old sunken ships or gozo channel ships that were sunk on purpose to serve as a dive wreck.
  • Segway – You can go on a segway tour around the beautiful countryside of the island
  • History – Gozo is full of history like the Ggantija temples, and you can also visit some of the huge churches there are across the island. A must see is the xewkija dome and Cathedral in the capital city of Gozo, Victoria. While you are there check out the fortification.

I can keep going and going here, you can google “things to do in Gozo” and I can aussure you that you will never run out of ideas.